Structural Waterproofing Vaults in Bath

Client Background

The project involved the structural waterproofing of the vaults within a Georgian Grade 2 Listed building situated near the iconic Royal Crescent in Bath, England

Originally constructed around 1820, the underground vaults were to be repurposed into a modern TV/Cinema Room and high-quality dry storage space. The client sought a solution that would preserve the historical integrity of the building while providing effective waterproofing to support the intended usage.

Challenges Faced:

  • Preservation of Historical Integrity: Being a Grade 2 Listed building, any alterations or interventions needed to respect the historical significance of the structure.
  • Effective Waterproofing: The underground location of the vaults posed a significant challenge for moisture ingress, necessitating a robust waterproofing solution to ensure the new spaces remained dry and habitable.
  • Conversion Requirements: The transformation of the vaults into a TV/Cinema Room and dry storage demanded careful planning and execution to meet the client’s specifications while complying with building regulations.

Solution Implemented: Cannon Clarke Ltd, a specialist in structural waterproofing solutions, was engaged to address the waterproofing needs of the project. After a comprehensive assessment of the site and consultation with the client, Cannon Clarke Ltd recommended and implemented the Delta cavity drain membrane waterproofing system. This system was chosen for its proven effectiveness in managing moisture in underground structures while offering flexibility and compatibility with historical buildings.

The installation process involved meticulously fitting the Delta cavity drain membrane to the walls and floors of the vaults, creating a barrier that would channel any moisture ingress away from the internal spaces. Additionally, specialist replastering was carried out to ensure a seamless finish that complemented the architectural aesthetics of the building.

Results Achieved:

  • Enhanced Waterproofing: The Delta cavity drain membrane system effectively prevented moisture ingress into the vaults, providing a reliable solution for maintaining dry and habitable spaces.
  • Preservation of Historical Character: The chosen waterproofing solution respected the historical integrity of the Grade 2 Listed building, ensuring that the architectural heritage remained uncompromised.
  • Successful Conversion: The waterproofed vaults were successfully repurposed into a modern TV/Cinema Room and dry storage area, meeting the client’s requirements for functionality and usability.

Conclusion: By leveraging the Delta cavity drain membrane waterproofing system and expert craftsmanship, Cannon Clarke Ltd delivered a successful structural waterproofing solution for the vaults of the Georgian Grade 2 Listed building in Bath. The project not only addressed the challenges of moisture management but also facilitated the transformation of the underground spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing areas, showcasing a harmonious blend of heritage preservation and modern adaptation.

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