Structural Waterproofing

structural waterproofing

What is structural waterproofing?

You’ll need structural waterproofing for any buildings below ground level. Typically, the projects that require structural waterproofing include:

  • Converting your basement at home
  • New build homes
  • Swimming pools in leisure centres or hotels

We’re a versatile, experienced team and we can work on all sorts of commercial and residential projects.

Whether you want a brand new system, a retrofit, or an update to an existing system, we can help.

Applying structural waterproofing techniques to your building will ensure that:

  • Your building is protected from the ingress of ground water through the walls and floors
  • Your basement avoids any issues with damp
  • Your cellar and other underground vaults remain dry and structurally sound

You may have an existing waterproofing system that is starting to fail. We can replace old systems with the latest technology so you can be confident that your underground spaces are protected from damp and rot.

Design & Installation Service

Whether you’re a commercial or residential client, we can design and install a waterproofing system that’s suitable for your space. We begin every project with a thorough survey conducted by one of our experienced surveyors. If it’s a new build project, our surveyors will review the design drawings. See our process below.

Quality Guaranteed

Trusted, qualified experts

You’re in safe hands with our Certificated Surveyors in Structural Waterproofing, which is the gold-standard qualification for the work we do. Cannon Clarke Ltd is itself:

  • A long-standing member of the British Structural Waterproofing Association
  • Approved waterproofing contractors with Vandex International (since 1988)
  • Approved contractors for all Delta waterproofing systems (since 2003). Our Installer Registration number is 5079.
  • Verified by BS:8102-2022 standards, so all our work meets quality criteria.

We’re validated by the key players in our industry.

Innovative and reliable products

Every product we use in your project is carefully selected to give you the very best long-term performance. We review all the available installation systems regularly to make sure that you’re receiving the most up-to-date technology. That’s how we’ve developed our reputation for integrity and a conscientious service.

Our Process


We start by conducting a thorough survey of the space you want to waterproof. There's usually a fee for our initial consultation, which is refundable on completion of works.


Scoping discussion

We collaborate with you to marry your objectives with our findings from the survey. We’ll discuss how you want to use the space when it’s finished and the best way of achieving your vision.



Once we have the physical specifications, and your input on your requirements, we’ll design a system that works for you.



We’ll send you a specification, together with a report which explains the technical aspects. We’re happy to chat through this with you and make any changes you’ve identified.


Work begins

With an approved plan in place, we’ll get to work on the date we’ve agreed between us.


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