Timber Preservation

timber preservation

What is timber preservation?

Timber preservation protects your building from wet rot, dry rot and woodworm infestation.

Wet and dry rot are caused by fungus which thrives in damp timber. Buildings which suffer from water penetration, poor ventilation and high humidity levels are often vulnerable to timber decay.

Active woodworm can cause devastation to the fabric of your building. Interrupting the lifecycle of these destructive wood-boring insects with our timber treatments is paramount to the longevity of your property.

Fungal decay is not only unsightly, but it can also cause major structural defects and compromise the integrity of your building. Fungal decay can negatively impact your health if you’re exposed to it. Some types of wood rot can grow at an alarming rate in certain conditions so it’s wise to act quickly to tackle the issue.

We’ll help you identify the fungus to establish the nature of the problem. Then we can get to work on making the repairs you need with specialist treatments.

How we can help

We’ll conduct a thorough initial survey and prepare a recommendation to treat the building.

It’s important that any timber affected is carefully diagnosed so that your remedy is fully effective. Our surveyors are specially trained and highly experienced so you can rely on them to distinguish between the different types of fungal decay.

Once we’ve agreed a strategy with you, we’ll get to work on eradicating the problem. The process for rectifying dry rot usually involves:

  • Eliminating the source of moisture
  • Treating defective timber with chemical treatments and/or rapid drying techniques
  • Replacing decayed timbers if treatment will be insufficient
  • Removing wall plaster to expose the extent of decay
  • Treating the wall structure by masonry irrigation
  • Returning the area to a watertight condition

Repairing outbreaks of wet rot tends to be more straightforward. The work normally involves the replacement of decayed timbers only and eliminating or isolating the source of the moisture.

Woodworm is treated with an insecticidal treatment that interrupts the life cycle of the woodboring insect and protects timbers for many years to come.

Quality Guaranteed

Trusted, qualified experts

You’re in safe hands with our experienced team of experts. With over 30 years’ experience, it’s unlikely that we meet a problem we haven’t fixed before. We’ll give you an accurate estimate of the work involved in your project and how much it will cost. However tricky your project is, we’ll complete it with precision and expertise.

Innovative and reliable products

Every product we use in your project is carefully selected to give you the very best long-term performance. We regularly review all the available treatments and we’ll recommend the products that are suitable for your unique circumstances.

Our Process


We start by conducting a thorough survey of the space you want to waterproof. There's usually a fee for our initial consultation, which is refundable on completion of works.


Scoping discussion

We collaborate with you to marry your objectives with our findings from the survey. We’ll discuss how you want to use the space when it’s finished and the best way of achieving your vision.



Once we have the physical specifications, and your input on your requirements, we’ll design a system that works for you.



We’ll send you a specification, together with a report which explains the technical aspects. We’re happy to chat through this with you and make any changes you’ve identified.


Work begins

With an approved plan in place, we’ll get to work on the date we’ve agreed between us.


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