Heritage & Historic buildings

external weatherproofing

Sympathetic Restoration: Preserving Timeless Architecture

At Cannon Clarke Ltd we take pride in our commitment to preserving the rich heritage and historic significance of buildings. Our work is deeply rooted in a philosophy of sympathetic restoration, where we understand and respect the unique fabric of each structure.

Grade 1 Listed Buildings

We specialise in the restoration and conservation of Grade 1 Listed buildings, ensuring that these architectural treasures maintain their historical integrity. Our team of experts is dedicated to meticulous craftsmanship, using traditional methods and materials to bring these structures back to their original glory.

Grade 2 Listed Buildings

The charm of Grade 2 Listed buildings lies in their historical and cultural value. Our expertise extends to the careful restoration and conservation of Grade 2 Listed structures, blending modern techniques with a deep understanding of their unique heritage.

Comprehensive Solutions for Preservation

Addressing Structural Issues

Damp Solutions: Our team tackles damp issues with precision, employing advanced techniques to protect the building’s structure without compromising its authenticity.

Timber Decay & Woodworm Solutions: We provide specialised treatments for timber decay, ensuring the longevity of wooden elements while maintaining the historical aesthetic.

Waterproofing of Basements: Preserving basements is crucial for the overall health of a historic building. Our waterproofing solutions safeguard against water damage and enhance the structural integrity.

Transformative Basement Projects

Basement Transformation

Revitalise the underutilised spaces beneath heritage buildings with our basement transformation services. From creating functional living spaces to preserving historical features, we bring new life to these often overlooked areas.

Long-Term Solutions with Environmental Sensibility

Our commitment extends beyond immediate restoration needs. We offer long-term solutions that are not only effective but also reversible, minimising the use of harsh chemicals. This ensures the preservation of heritage without compromising environmental sustainability.

Our Prestigious Portfolio

With a rich history of working on prestigious properties in Bath, Bristol, and beyond, Cannon Clarke Ltd stands as a trusted partner in the conservation and restoration of heritage and historic buildings. Our passion for preserving the past informs every project we undertake, contributing to the legacy of these architectural marvels.

Our Process


We start by conducting a thorough survey of the space you want to waterproof. There's usually a fee for our initial consultation, which is refundable on completion of works.


Scoping discussion

We collaborate with you to marry your objectives with our findings from the survey. We’ll discuss how you want to use the space when it’s finished and the best way of achieving your vision.



Once we have the physical specifications, and your input on your requirements, we’ll design a system that works for you.



We’ll send you a specification, together with a report which explains the technical aspects. We’re happy to chat through this with you and make any changes you’ve identified.


Work begins

With an approved plan in place, we’ll get to work on the date we’ve agreed between us.


Contact us to book a site survey