Waterproofing of a swimming pool

Client Background

Cannon Clarke Limited who are Delta Registered Installers based in the Southwest, were tasked by a main contractor to provide expertise in specifying and installing a suitable waterproofing solution for a pre-formed concrete swimming pool within a residential development.

Challenges Faced: The main contractor had previously used a render system for waterproofing swimming pools. However, due to thickness constraints, this solution was not feasible for this project, which required a “flat and true” surface to avoid impacting the tiling process. Additionally, the nature of swimming pools, subject to movement and temperature fluctuations, presented challenges in maintaining watertightness.

Methodology: Jamie Prewett, Cannon Clarke’s Technical Manager CSSW, led the project. After thorough site meetings, he recommended a combined system to address the unique challenges of the swimming pool. The chosen system would offer durability and longevity.

Attention to detail and substrate preparation were paramount. Cannon Clarke meticulously prepared the concrete substrate by cleaning and jet washing it. Any imperfections were filled with Koster Repair Mortar Plus. To prevent lime and salt leaching, Koster Polysil TG 500, an anti-lime coating, was applied.

The next step involved the application of Koster NB 1 crystalline slurry. This mineral waterproofing slurry effectively seals against pressurised water, making it ideal for swimming pool waterproofing. It contains crystallising and capillary-plugging agents, enhancing its effectiveness.

Following the curing of NB 1, Cannon Clarke applied Koster NB Elastic, a robust waterproof coating suitable for “negative side” waterproofing against pressurised water. Additionally, curved or coved fillets and fiberglass reinforcing mesh were installed at construction joints to enhance crack bridging.

Results: Cannon Clarke’s comprehensive waterproofing solution successfully addressed the challenges posed by the swimming pool project. The combined system not only provided a flat and true surface but also ensured long-lasting waterproofing performance, meeting the stringent requirements of BS EN1992 for water-retaining structures.

Conclusion: By leveraging their expertise and utilising innovative waterproofing products from Delta Membranes, Cannon Clarke Limited delivered a high-quality solution that exceeded expectations. Our meticulous approach to substrate preparation and selection of appropriate materials demonstrates our commitment to excellence in construction waterproofing.

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